Masterclass 2.0

'Teach the teacher' Programme for Entrepreneurship Education at Albanian Universities

As part of its mission to strengthen the innovation ecosystem of Albania, the EU for Innovation programme in cooperation with Preneurz.Amsterdam, will organise the Experiential Learning Programme “How to teach entrepreneurship”.

Over the period January– April 2021,  Albanian university lecturers will learn about the perspectives on entrepreneurship education, best practices, methods and tools that will inspire to create or improve their own programmes.  During the sessions there will be both knowledge transfer from key experts and interactive participation in teams developing their own business cases. The programme will be structured in two Masterclasses about entrepreneurship education and its implementation and a so called “pressure cooker” two days of interactive sessions during which participants will work in teams on their own business case.

Certificates will be awarded to participants after successful completion of the “Teaching Entrepreneurship” Masterclass programme.

Who will attend this programme?

University teaching staff, involved or motivated to get involved in entrepreneurship education.
we are delighted to announce that 50+ applicants from over 20 different universities in Albania will attend the Masterclass series on “Entrepreneurial Education”.

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What's the programme about?

Learning about the three basic principles of contemporary entrepreneurship education:

Learning by doing – introduction and immediate application of practical methods and tools, through interaction with the outside world
Out of the comfort zone – doing things you are not used to doing
Reflection on action – evaluate process and behaviour; individual and team development

Learning about approaches, methods and tools, for example: Lean startup, Business Model Canvas, Ideation, Customer development, Learning by doing, Pitching, Assessing.

Why is entrepreneurship education important?

In the context of youth employability, economic challenges and rapid changes related to our complex knowledge-based economy and society, transversal skills such as entrepreneurship are essential.

This is not only important to shape the mindsets of young people, but also to provide the skills, knowledge and attitudes that are central to developing an entrepreneurial culture.

Entrepreneurship is when you transform opportunities and  ideas into financial, cultural, environmental or social value.

Entrepreneurial Education – Methods and best practices January 12, 2021

• Entrepreneurial education at universities

• Methods and tools of entrepreneurial learning – best practices

Entrepreneurial Education – How to make it happen? January 26, 2021

• Entrepreneurial skills and competences

• How to teach entrepreneurship? – best practices

This intervention will preferably take place in Tirana, otherwise online - dates tba

• From idea to business concept. Participants will work in teams on their own business case, using the
tools for ideation, validation and business modelling.

• Energetic programme with interactive sessions, tips & tricks, feedback and pitches.

• Have the same entrepreneurial learning experience as students will have!

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