Masterclass Series: The Entrepreneurial University


As part of its mission to strengthen the innovation ecosystem of Albania, the EU for Innovation project, in cooperation with Amsterdam Centre for Entrepreneurship (ACE) and the University of Amsterdam will organise a series of Masterclasses, on how to become an “Entrepreneurial University”. Launched on January 21st, 2020 with a duration of 5 month, this masterclass is targeted to Albanian researchers, academics and management level officials in universities; and aims to inform and inspire them to create programmes that encourage an entrepreneurial mindset for their students and researchers and connect these programmes to the wider entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The three Masterclasses based on three levels of science-based entrepreneurship: Explore & Inspire; Pursue & Educate; and Launch & Grow, as developed by ACE and the University of Amsterdam, will be conducted in Tirana. There will be a final Pitching event, during which the participants in teams will present their University Entrepreneurship action plans in front of experts’ panel. Certificates and the right to attend a study trip to Amsterdam / Netherlands, will be awarded to participants after successful completion of the Masterclass programme. To receive the information about the Masterclass in a package, download the flyer.

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target audience

The target audience for each Masterclass is:

  • Core team of three from each participating university. The core team should attend every Masterclass
  • Max. two additional guests per university depending on the topic of the Masterclass
  • For Masterclass 3 (see below) and the final pitch event additional stakeholder groups will be invited, for example: government, investors, corporate, incubators & accelerators etc.
  • There will be a selection based on applicant’s profile, CV & approval from the university management. Interested candidates could apply via this link.

expectations from participants

  • In preparation for the Masterclass series all participants will have to submit an overview of the current state of their entrepreneurship education programs and activities to date.
  • They’ll have to submit a signed code of conduct (co-signed by the university Dean), committing to completing the series.
  • The core team attends every Masterclass
  • This core team commits to developing the University Entrepreneurship Action Plan. This Action Plan draws on the content provided in the Masterclasses and is tailored by the team to reflect their university ambition. After every Masterclass a new chapter will be added to their Action Plan. The teams will be coached by our experts throughout the process; and at the final pitch event the teams will present their University Entrepreneurship Action Plan.

Entrepreneurship Activation and Education 24 – 25 February 2020

This first Masterclass looks at the roots of the Entrepreneurial University: activation and education programs to encourage students and researchers to connect their knowledge to the ‘outside’ world.

Participants will learn:
a. How a comprehensive activation program can inject cultural change
b. What learning outcomes there are in Entrepreneurship education
c. What an integrated, innovative ‘learning-by-doing’ curriculum looks like
d. Models and good practices for services to stimulate and support entrepreneurship

If you would like to learn more about Masterclass #1, please check the following link:

Spin-off Creation and Incubator Infrastructure 06 – 07 April 2020

In the second Masterclass the focus turns on start-up incubation. All aspects from business model to success criteria will be part of the session.

Participants will learn:
a. How to develop start-up activity and spinouts from university knowledge
b. How to fund university-based start-ups
c. The various options for business models for spinouts and incubators
d. Incubation basics: the role of a university business incubator
e. The criteria of excellence to measure progress
f. How to create spaces for prototyping, testing and collaboration

If you would like to learn more about Masterclass #2 – The Entrepreneurial University in ALBANIA, please check the recorded video in the link:

Connect to the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem 18 – 19 May 2020

The final Masterclass aims to connect the Entrepreneurial University to the wider Entrepreneurial ecosystem, an essential step in creating a sustainable environment for growth.

Participants will:
a. Connect with representatives of the local ecosystem (including researchers, instructors/lectures, decision makers at the university [vice rectors, deans], policy makers [NASRI, Ministry of Education]
b. Design the next phase of development including governance structure for Albanian universities
c. Learn from good practise example of IXA Next Amsterdam
d. Get familiar with the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Canvas – a collaboration tool
e. Learn about good practices supporting the next generation of university entrepreneurs

If you would like to learn more about Masterclass # 3 “THE ENTREPRENEURSHIP ECOYSTEM”, please check the recorded video in the link:

Duration: 1 day 29 June 2020

During the closing event participants will present their action plans in front of expert panel. The EU for Innovation team will conclude the program and announce the next phase of development.

1. Universities present their action plans in front of expert panel

2.Certificates award Ceremony

3.Next phase of development announced (study trip to Netherlands)

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