Industry Startup Partnership Accelerator (ISPA)

Industry Startup Partnership Accelerator (ISPA)

Albanian startups providing solutions for industry and private sector

The Industry Startup Partnership Accelerator is a matching initiative between consolidated companies and Albanian start-ups. Under the ISPA guidance, different companies are analysed, vetted, and their innovation needs are determined. Once a company is willing to adjust or otherwise improve some process through innovation, they are made part of ISPA’s working pool. Then, start-ups undergo the same selection process, where the most suitable among them are approached to present e solution concept to the company. A negotiation event called reverse pitching occurs at this stage and once the match is successful, work can start. Upon a successful implementation of a solution, start-ups and their respective companies enter into a financial arrangement for this service.

If you want to be part of ISPA, apply here:

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