Flexible Start-Up Support – Regional Edition

Flexible Start-Up Support – Regional Edition

Shkodra City
The programme brings the experiences and refined knowledge from the Flexible Start-Up Support Programme in Tirana, by combining the local and international expertise. It is implemented by Ofiçina Accelerator, in partnership with University of Shkodra, Arka Youth Centre, local businesses, and is support by the Municipality of Shkodra.

Main objectives of the Flexible Start-Up Support – Regional Edition are:

  • To support the development of the local Start-Ups,
  • Engaging and connecting the stakeholders of the local eco-system, such as: local businesses, municipalities and other government institutions, universities and professional schools, in order to develop new generation of entrepreneurs and start-ups in selected regional cities of Albania.


The programme seeks to incubate and mentor up to 20 Start-Ups per cohort/ year. The chosen Start-Ups will have a developed idea, preferably accompanied by an initial raw prototype if applicable, that offers a solution for a specific industry. During the four-month programme, the Start-Ups will develop and validate their business model and come up with a proof of concept or with a clear roadmap for building a Minimum Viable Product. Day-to-day related activities such as hackathons and capacity building workshops will be organized. At the end of the incubation period, they will have the chance to pitch their ideas in front of an audience that includes investors, consolidators, international organizations etc.

The training programme contains a cultivated curriculum with subjects such a Lean Start-Up Methodology, Innovation/ Creative Thinking and Entrepreneurial Mindset,Sustainable Business Model Definition, Fundraising and Pitch trainings, which will be held by experts with vast experience in delivering training programmes for entrepreneurs.

The programme will start in mid-June 2020, in the city of Shkodra, which will cover the Start-Ups from other areas and cities in that region as well.

The Call for Application is now open!

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