“Entrepreneurship & Innovation” Inspirational Talks in/ for Universities.

*Please note: Due to the current restrictions related to the global pandemic of Covid-19, all live-activities related to the intervention have been postponed until further notice.

The “Entrepreneurship & Innovation” Inspirational Talks in Universities is a series of talks organised by EU for Innovation, in the framework of “Capacity Building for Universities/ ISOs” pillar, whereby invited keynote figures from international university affiliated incubators, Technology Transfer Centres/ Offices, Technology parks etc, are invited to deliver a presentation and share their experience in establishing and running the incubator or start-up promotion facility; conducting entrepreneurship activities that bridge the gap between University and Industry, etc.

The aim of the EIIU TALKs is to expose Albanian Universities to outstanding university-affiliated business incubators and best practices from Europe; discuss on & open-up the vision regarding the role Universities could have in prompting entrepreneurship and innovation, and eventually inspire them in taking actions, through real-life stories.

icon   Watch 1st EIIU TALK with Prof. Dr. Uwe Rössler, University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld
icon   Watch 2nd EIIU TALK with Marc Kley, Gateway Start-up Service, University of Cologne
icon   Watch 3rd EIIU TALK with Erik Boer, Amsterdam Centre for Entrepreneurship & Dr. Mirjam Leloux, IXA Next
icon   Watch 4rth EIIU TALK with Fritz Fried, co-founder of the LOLOCO, who discussed online with EPOKA University students on “How to start a business as a student?”

icon  If you want to get in touch regarding EIIU TALKs contact Valbona

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