Connect IT

Connect IT

Connecting students and industry to digitize business processes

Digitalization of processes within the Albanian industry payers is lagging greatly. Basic processes like employee presence or inventory management, to more complex tasks, are done manually. This presents an opportunity for IT oriented students to assess these processes and present solutions that would innovate them into more efficient tasks.

As part of EU for Innovation’s objectives to strengthen capacities for innovation as well as build better links with industry, the Connect IT program is partnering academia with private enterprises and matching industry challenges with student teams that are up to the task to solve those challenges. By selecting students from relevant programs across all high education institutions, and then matching them to companies, the program aims to identify and later promote potential start-up spinoffs. The student teams may be the first breed of companies that arise from demand-driven interventions like this.

Access to an experienced IT Coach will assist teams in their work towards designing and implementing the digital solutions. Together their work closely with each company to implement a feasible solution, as well as address potential roadblocks along the way.

To learn more about Connect IT download the factsheet.

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