3rd Challenge Fund Roadshow (9th-31st March) – Postponed for April 2020

Due to the recent developments, the ‘Challenge Fund Roadshow’ will be moved to April.

Stay tuned  and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more information.


Why a Roadshow?

To get information on the Challenge Fund: How it works? Can your business idea/ your business/ or your organisation be eligible? How is the Fund going to support your business?

To better understand the concept of innovation.

To get inspired by real stories behind innovative business and how innovation has impacted businesses to thrive.

What to expect from the Roadshow in your city?

The Roadshow is conceptualised to INSPIRE, INFORM and EDUCATE participants in the concepts of INNOVATION and ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

Participants will take part in the following:

-Get to know the Challenge Fund

-Get inspired by the Challenge Fund winners and their personal story

-Embark on a co-creative session where key words like interaction and inspiration lie at the core

Which cities?

The Roadshow will pass through ten cities on the dates listed in the calendar below. For more information regarding the venues, kindly follow us on Instagram.

So to sum it up, if You: > have an innovative business idea; > have a business that is no older than 3 years; > are part of an organisation in support of entrepreneurship and innovation; than You should not miss this opportunity!

Applications will be open on April 1st 2020. We hope to see you soon!

“The Challenge Fund” Team

Roadshow venues:

Shkodër – Up Social Coffee (hyrja pranë Katedrales)

Peshkopi – Bar restorant piceri Qendra (përballë Pallatit të Kulturës)

Durrës – Muzeu Arkeologjik

Vlorë – Regina City Hotel

Ksamil – Bianco Lounge (3 ishujt Ksamil)

Gjirokastra – Hotel Argjiro

Berat – Portik Hotel

Belsh – Restorant piceri Shtylla

Korça – Life Gallery

Tirana – Europe House, 1st floor

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