Start-Up Law

Start-Up Law

Advise the Government of Albania on defining some legislative framework that supports the development of innovative start-ups.

The Government of Albania (GoA), specifically the Ministry of Finance and Economy and the Minister of State for the Protection of Entrepreneurship, show strong commitment to create a favorable legislative framework for start-ups. The term “startup” has no official definition, but commonly draws on three criteria:  Age, Innovation and Aim to Scale, thus this legislative framework /law on start-up would target “high potential growth micro company with new business model, innovation or intellectual property within, which is younger than 3 years old or 5 depending on the sector”.

The purpose of “EU for Innovation” in this assignment, is to gain a holistic understanding of the legislative environment for start-ups in Albania and advise the GoA on possible ways to create a supportive policy framework for start-ups. To ensure that the proposed policy measures meet the needs of the start-up community for an entire week during October meetings, consultations and focus group discussions for drafting a start-up law for Albania took place, attended& moderated  by an international consultant – expert in start-up development and a national legal expert.

The experts are drafting Recommendations for the Minister [MSPE], and eventually will come up with a draft-law proposal. Consultation of the draft-law with the start-up community and all related stakeholders, in all relevant methods and platforms, is not only the request of the minister/GoV, but it is the key to having a good legal framework that becomes applicable and effective.

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