Matchmaking and Exposure Programme

In order to provide the Albanian start-ups with exposure and learning experiences, contributing to the development and expansion of their business operation, a start-up Match-making and Exposure Programme was designed, which will provide 45 Albanian start-ups the possibility to participate in exposure activities and business to business experiences in Germany for a period of two weeks (14 days, 12 full days in Germany, 2 days for travelling) with all expenses covered by EU for Innovation Project.

  • Exposure Programme

The exposure programme shall serve to provide Albanian start-ups insights into the local (German) ecosystem in terms of actors and services provided, with hands on learning formats to support start-ups in their business development, as well as insights into the community-thinking through exposure to the community or exchanges with community members .

  • One-to-one match-making exchange with German companies, start-ups or innovation support organisations

In addition to the exposure program, Albanian start-ups will be matched (based on their industry/sector with German start-ups, companies, or innovation support organisations, for one-to-one exchange and collaboration.

It is envisaged to have three cohorts of 15 start-ups each participating in the programme.  Albanian start-ups that are selected for the programme will be represented by one individual, which may be the founder, CEO or any other employee involved in the management of the start-up. Accommodating partners for the Albanian start-ups can be established companies or start-ups, working in the same sector, with a similar product portfolio or in an area the start-up has formulated learning needs in.

All the start-ups from Albania that have developed their MVPs and are looking for ways to get exposure and learning experiences, to further develop and expand/scale internationally,  please feel free to contact us to explore opportunities to get enrolled in the Programme and follow us to stay informed about the Calls for Applications.

Deadline for applications for the 2nd Cohort (ICT/ Gaming/ E-Commerce) : 16 October 2020

Apply now for the programme

icon  If you want to get in touch regarding the Match-making and Exposure Programme contact Patrik

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