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As part of its mission to strengthen the innovation ecosystem of Albania, the EU for Innovation project will organize a series of hackathons and one bootcamp to bring together Albanian universities and startups in solving real-life challenges from industry and society; with the help of CrazyTown/Finland.

Three preparatory workshops: one with representatives of industries/businesses; one with the Albanian Universities and the last one with the City of Tirana / municipality officials were conducted during October and November 2019 aiming at discussing and defining the hackathon themes based on existing challenges.

The Crazytown team, strongly states that “Tirana has potential to become the European destination of choice for startup nomads and freelancers looking for an environment to combine work and holiday”. “Tirana Smart city and its rural areas” & Sustainable tourism and experience economy” could already be some of the hackathon themes… Stay tuned!!! exiting events=hackathons are on the way, starting from early December 2019.

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a 36-hour innovation event, where teams of enthusiastic university students and staff members supported by mentors come to create solutions for the real-life needs of the challenge-owners.

These solutions can be services, products or new concepts. Jury selects the winner(s) at the end of the hackathon, who get to implement their solutions in practice.

Winning teams receive support from EU for Innovation project and its partners, including access to mentors, support and potential funding. Hackathons are facilitated by experts from Crazy Town.

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Who are involved?

Each hackathon brings together curious minds from all backgrounds:

• Business and society: As challenge-owner, you can use hackathons to solve your needs, find new ideas and make societal impact. You can also join hackathon as a partner, offering your existing services, technology or mentoring for the participants to utilize.

• Participants: As ”hackers” you are the stars of the show. We are looking for entrepreneurial individuals, who want to learn and experiment new things. Participants are students, experts, researchers or university-based startups.

• Universities and innovation support organizations: Provide expertise and participants for the hackathons, as well as use the hackathons to launch new cooperation with business.

How to make Tirana the European hotspot for digital nomads? February 5-7, 2020

Tirana and its business need entrepreneurial talent to grow. The city has potential to become the location, where international knowledge workers want to come and contribute. Teams can take a narrow or broad approach when solving this challenge. These are examples – it’s up to you as participant to decide how!

i) Branding and promotion: How to reach digital nomads?
What key messages, campaigns, channels or content and events could be tested?

ii) Matchmaking: How to connect local opportunities with international talent?
What kind of communities, collaborative spaces, online market places, events and services are needed?

iii) Living in Tirana: What daily services and infrastructure digital nomads require and expect?
Teams can focus on issues such as accommodation, digital economy, banking and payments, telecommunications, family services, daycare and schools, safety, disaster resilience or health and wellbeing.

Submit your application here by January 20th, 2020 (Download and read the info-package before you apply).

Hack the Crisis Albania 3-5 April 2020

EU for Innovation, in partnership with CrazyTown and Coolab Tirana is organizing an online hackathon where participants solve one of the biggest crises of our lifetime affecting everyone in the world – the coronavirus epidemic.

How do we help Albanian society to overcome the situation?

This event is part of the international / global ”Hack the Crisis” movement initiated by Garage48, AccelerateEstonia and the whole startup community in Estonia, in March 2020.

This is a call for action to each and every-one willing to participate in the fight.

Starting from Friday 3rd of April at 17.00 until Sunday April 5th at 18.00, during 48-hours participants will develop ideas that are prototype-able, which could help solve the crisis and help deal with the aftermath.

Ideas can be related to the themes of:

– saving lives

– saving communities

– saving businesses

Applications are open to teams and individuals:

Teams, should gather and submit their application by April 2, here >>

Individuals should submit their application by April 2, here >> 

More info on the online hackathon [including agenda, mentors and partners joining the event] can be found on Hack the Crisis Albania – website.

How to help Albanian businesses with new affordable digital solutions? 25-27 May 2020

At the third EU for Innovation Hackathon, participants [teams of enthusiastic university students & staff members, start-ups & innovators] will solve the real-life challenges presented by Albanian stakeholders.

Get introduced to challenge owners, such as:

• Albanian Commercial Union

• Albanian Manufacturers’ Union

• Young Entrepreneurs of Albania Union

• NOA financial institution/ AMA

• Kredo Finance/ AMA

Teams will receive support from EU for Innovation project and its partners. Hackathons are facilitated by experts from Crazy Town, in cooperation with ICTSLab & Oficina.

Choose which challenge your team wants to focus on. Hackathon3 will be looking for solutions that are actionable, impactful and insightful!

Challenge 1: How to help businesses to better understand and make use of e-commerce/ omnichannel solutions?

Challenge 2: How to improve HR workflows, processes and transparency with affordable digital solutions?

Challenge 3: How to make use of real-time data and technologies for better decision-making and cooperation?

Submit your application here by May 20th, 2020.

(Download and read the invitation with additional information before you apply).



June 2020

Showcases the results, provides teams access to new resources and helps them to do business model design.

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