Welcome to the 3rd Challenge Fund Bootcamp

Welcome to the third Bootcamp of the Challenge Fund. This Bootcamp was different from the other two because it was virtual. Nevertheless, this is the pre-final evaluation level to select the Challenge Fund winners from the third call. On this level the jury composed of local and international experts evaluate the commitment and competencies of the respective teams to implement their projects.

The total number of applications for this call was 137 (103 Start-ups and 34 Innovation Supporting Organizations).

13 teams (9 start-up teams and 4 Innovation Supporting Organization) were selected to present at the Bootcamp in the below categories:


Start-up teams

Active Albania – Etmira Kanani – Innovative pack-rafting tours

Gabrielle Mazza – Gabrielle Mazza – Innovative aluminum junction constructions

Shkodra4Children – Klara Shestani – Reggio Emilia inspired educational services for children

In-Home Caring Professionals – Enkelejda Gashi – Provision of nursery/ babysitting/ hairdresser services

Ferma Jone – Lumturie Xheka – Process innovation and recycling of farm products

Kamberi Handcraft – Mane Kamberi – E-commerce of top-quality handcrafted products from Has

ShpërNDÀ – Gerhard Veizi – Delivery platform with e-bikes

Zaharia Parc – Leonardo Doku – Treehouses park in Kruja region

Medical Distribution – Alban Xhaferri – Repair and maintenance of endoscopy scopes and ultrasound probes


Innovation Supporting Organization (ISOs) teams

Young Shapers of Albania Hub – Nita Shala – Online learning for entrepreneurship and circular economy

University of Medicine – Arben Gjata – Tele-medicine and medical innovation services

World Vision Albania –  Eljona Boçe Elmazi – Promotion of rural businesses through innovation & Digitization

Nji Mar, Nji Mrapsht – Anisa Lloja – Creative industries Incubator

INFO-SESSION: Fundraising 101 Programme – How to prepare your company for its First Investment
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INFO-SESSION: Fundraising 101 Programme – How to prepare your company for its First Investment

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Start-up Ecosystem Rankings: Albania raised to 13 spots!

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